The Phoenix abc beer line cleaning machine is marketed as the ‘Phoenix Micro’ in Poland.
The Phoenix micro can be divided into two main sections, Which are,

A> The electronics control section and B> The plumbing Section

The electronics section is comprised of a microprocessor, which controls a peristaltic detergent pump, as well as an electronic water pump . A set of LED’s are located on the front of the electronics enclosure to indicate to the user the progress of the clean cycle.

The plumbing section consists of a header tank, where detergent and water is mixed, The tank is also equipped with an air break which ensures no back syphon age can take place thus preventing any contamination to the venues water supply. There are two float switches which monitor the tanks fluid level and control input and output solenoids which direct the liquid flows as required.

How the machine operates:

1. The site operator must first remove the coupler from the keg then fit it onto a cleaning socket
2. The user now switches ‘On’ the machine, the header tank then begins to fills with water
3. The user connects a waste hose onto the dispense font and then opens the tap
4. Water is then pumped from the machine, through the connected beer line then drained away
(This is called the water only flush mode, and is useful for flushing lines when changing kegs etc)
5. To automatically clean the connected lines, Now simply push the Green button on front of machine
6. The Micro will now go through the following stages
A) Water will flush through the lines
B) Water & detergent will now flush through the lines
C) The line contents will now standstill to allow a soaking period
D) The Water & detergent in the lines will be replaced with a fresh water & detergent mixture
E) The line contents will once again be at standstill for a second soaking period
F) The lines will then be flushed out by water only removing all traces of detergent etc G) When the machine has finished it automated clean it will indicate to the user ‘Clean Finished ‘ Once the machine has finished its cleaning cycle, beer can be reintroduced into the lines as normal

The ‘Micro’ simply automates the cleaning instructions which are printed on the detergent bottle, thus ensuring a first class dean each time the machine is used.